it's a run that is fun, duh!  

This Year's Fun Run


What is the Roberts Fun Run?
This two-week fundraiser is powered by our students, our faculty, our volunteers, our parents and our donors! It is an all hands on deck event that includes daily tasks that are super easy to complete leveraging the Boosterthon platform, which most of you likely have an account from prior years OR other schools that you have attended or donated to in the past.  We will kick off this 2 week event with a virtual Pep Rally.  
Over the 2 week period, students (with the help of their parents) are encouraged to reach out via phone, email, text, their parents social media, in person and/or door to door to request pledges for each lap they complete in the upcoming Fun Run.  Boosterthon makes it super easy with templates and email campaigns to do the work for you if you prefer!  Upload a photo to leverage their video tool OR grab a phone and make a customized version that you can email or text to potential donors!
Students will earn fun prizes along the way and help their class qualify for classroom and/or school wide incentives.  What we love most about this fundraiser is that it is not about asking our parents for donations!  This fundraiser is about extending the reach to your family, friends, coworkers anywhere in the world who can support our school by giving pledges toward the number of laps your student will run on the day of the Fun Run.  
All students will participate in the event regardless of pledges, we only ask that you do what you can to share your student video and link! Every share and donation counts and throughout the program, students will learn the power of curiosity, practice, confidence, humility, and endurance through the daily character videos and lessons!  











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