Running teaches me that I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined.

– Anonymous


The Roberts Running Club was founded in 2014 by PE coach Jack Alexander to build a strong foundation of physical activity, camaraderie and a healthy lifestyle in our children. Due to Covid, we will remain virtual for the time being, but that’s ok! Coach would like students to run with an adult in the family, 3 times per week, 10 minutes each time. 


 A Garmin or Fitbit watch is encouraged! It shows sleep, heart rate and distance and can be stored on a phone or iPad. This is not a requirement but it aids in training and coaching.


We will have 2 races this year, one in January and one in April. 


All new and returning student athletes must re-register here to participate for the current school year.


We suggest a donation of $35 per child per year to support the costs incurred. Your donations allow us to buy their shirts and incentive prizes for the kids. Parents can also order the same shirt (singlets) as the students, for the same cost.


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