While this year’s fun run will operate in a more limited fashion, we will need parent volunteers to support the event.  There are a number of positions to fill and of course we would love to once again invite parents to cheer on the students from outside the fence along school street!  Signs, noisemakers, pompoms encouraged!  


Please review the volunteer opportunities and sign up if you can! 


Day of Tasks + Cheering Include:  Sign up here to actively participate in the Fun Run.  You don't have to stay the whole day.  We need volunteers to support Friday & Monday with Set Up, Breakdown and lots of things in between!  Check out how you can get involved:  Fun Run Volunteers 2022


Classroom Volunteer Sign Up Forms:  We know there has been some confusion with volunteering or attending the Fun Run.  Due to HISD’s COVID policies, we are still not able to host gatherings during school hours.  

  • Fun Run Fans will be asked to stand along school street.  Only Fun Run Race Volunteers will be allowed to enter and support the race IF CHECKED IN AND VIPS CLEARED!  
  • Snack Coordinators can send the snack to school with their child or drop off at reception. 
  • Water Coordinators, please bring your water up in advance to reception if possible.  Please note, we would like 2 or 3, 2.5 Gallons of water with handle and spout! 
  • Fun Run Coordinators (See Description Below)

**For each hourly race, we need  2-3 onsite volunteers to help us before during and in-between classes - filling water cups, managing the water station, throwing away garbage, resetting track etc!  For the Friday COLOR RUNS, we will need 2 additional volunteers per class to help!  Again sorry for the confusion.   


Parents!  Please confirm with your Room Parent and/or teachers, which position you are supporting.  The 2-3 parents acting as the Fun Run Coordinators/Onsite Race volunteers will be submitted to reception for pre-clearance and registration VIPS approved.  Again, thank you for your patience and understanding!  And yes water and snack providers can also serve as FRC's too!

The Role of a Classroom Fun Run Coordinator (FRC)/Onsite Volunteers
2-3 Parents per Class
  • Make it fun for the students! Some classes make silly hats, wear wrist bands, paint something on their face, wear stickers….any ideas are welcome though please do not go overboard! 
  • Check in with your teacher and the other FRC's to coordinate planning/roles.
  • Communicate with the class parents on all things Fun Run!  We will provide a few sample emails over the course of the fun run, but we ask that you monitor your classes progress and check-in with your parents throughout the two week program to keep them updated on the class’ progress against our goals, share the class incentives and get them excited.  
  • Help on Fun Run Day (or recruit another parent if you can’t be there):  Get to your classroom 20 minutes before your classes scheduled time to help teacher with any last minute needs and to help get your students pumped to run!  We will also ask for your help cheering them on the track, managing the water station, throwing away trash, etc
  • Pick up after class is done in preparation for the next classes to run!




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