The Roberts Bookworms would like to congratulate
the following DEAR Day book review winners. 
Scoopers - students who shared a great review that gave the inside scoop on their DEAR Day book and received a gift card from Baskin Robbins for their hard work!
Ameena Thanoon - K
Kate Haines - K
Erin Church - 1st
Daniel Sami - 1st 
Claire Haines - 2nd
Eunmin Lee - 2nd 
Ashley Church - 3rd
Kellen Konrath - 4th
Nathan Cantu Elizar - 4th 
Natalie Zhang - 4th 
Sprinklers - students who sprinkled some extra details into their summary, showcased their great review skills, and earned a yummy Sprinkles gift card!
Joe Moeller - K
Bridget McHugh - K
Haven Stephens - K
Naina Debuka - K
King David - 2nd
Joelle Kim Le - 3rd - Best in Grade 
Shreyasi Mahajan - 2nd
Melissa Tian- 4th 
Vaani Grover - 5th 
Isabel Zhao - 5th 
The Folder - demonstrated how to fold the details of the story together nicely just like a French crepe. He excellently closed his review with an echo of the storyline and received a CoCo Crepes gift card. 
Eunchan Lee - 5th
Bonders - students who not only read the book but also bonded with some aspect of the book: the characters, the setting. These reviews went an extra step to show how the character or setting plays an important role in how a reader enjoys a book! These writers won Common Bond gift cards. 
Sofia Mrema - K - Best in Grade 
Ayra Arish - 1st - Best in Grade 
June Kim - 2nd
Amelie Thanoon - 2nd - Best in Grade 
Areeba Hassan - 4th 
Maria Petropoulis - 5th - Third Place Overall in School 
Loopers - students who demonstrated they could write with clarity. Loop closers. They encompassed the essence of the story, expertly executed the spirit of the contest, and examined why prospective readers would share an interest in reading your book. They won gift cards from The Loop. These students also received gift cards to Local Foods!
Journey Stephens - 4th - 2nd Place Overall in School 
Aston Liu - 5th - 1st place Overall in School 






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