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Vote will take place at the October PTO meeting, which is open to all Roberts ES parents/guardians.

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Article XIII.  Alternative Form of Meeting and Voting

13.1   Alternative Forms of Meeting.  Any meeting to be held under these bylaws, including meetings of the Board, the Elected Officers, the Standing Committees and any other committees allowed for under these by-laws, or meetings of the PTO, may be held by using a conference telephone or similar communications equipment, or another suitable electronic communications system, including videoconferencing technology or the Internet, or any combination thereof (individually or collectively,  the “Alternative Form of Meeting”), if the Alternative Form of Meeting permits each person participating in the meeting to communicate with all other persons participating in the meeting pursuant to section 6.002 of the Texas Business Organizations Code.  Notice for any such meeting should include the Alternative Form of Meeting  to be used for the meeting and the means of accessing Alternative Form of Meeting . 


13.2  Voting at Alternative Form of Meeting.  If voting is to take place at any alternative form of meeting as defined under section 13.1 of the by-laws, the President or Committee Chair must implement reasonable measures to verify that every person voting at said meeting is sufficiently identified and keep a record of any vote or other action taken.


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